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Formal or informal, financial or hands-on, giving back is woven into the fabric of our being. It’s in our DNA.

Our dedication to community engagement is a core part of who we are. Our founder, Dulshan, embodies this commitment through active participation in initiatives that construct homes for the underprivileged and provide university scholarships in Sri Lanka. We extend this spirit of giving through key partnerships and programs, such as supporting the Ronald McDonald House in their mission to comfort families, contributing to the Clontarf Foundation to improve the education and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, and participating in the Foodbank's School Breakfast Program to ensure no child starts their day hungry. For us, giving back isn’t just an activity, it's woven into our DNA.

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Breakfast Support Programs

Food insecurity in Australia significantly affects vulnerable populations, impacting their nutrition, health, and behavior. Inadequate nutrition can hinder children's learning and contribute to negative behaviors, with broader societal impacts.

Just Focus’s involvement with Foodbank demonstrates a commitment to addressing this issue by improving access to nutritious food, thereby supporting community well-being and fostering resilience. Such initiatives not only provide immediate relief but also promote long-term health and social cohesion, showcasing the importance of community engagement and partnerships in tackling food insecurity.

Clontaff Foundation

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so equips them to participate more meaningfully in society.

Clontarf helps young men to attend school, finish Year 12 and enter employment. Using supportive relationships, a welcoming environment and a diverse range of activities, the young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in our programme develop improved self-esteem and confidence which assists them to participate in education, employment and society in a positive way.

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Empowering Accessibility

Just Focus Fitness is committed to addressing the pressing issue of health inequality in Australia. Understanding the vital role that physical and mental well-being plays in our lives, Just Focus provides free gym memberships to individuals and families facing financial hardships. This initiative is our response to the growing concern that the high cost of gym memberships is a significant barrier to maintaining fitness, especially among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in our community.

With the average gym membership cost standing at $81 a month, and premium clubs even higher, we recognize that staying fit should not be a luxury inaccessible to those in need. Just Focus Fitness is here to support the health and well-being of all Australians, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of their financial situation.

Ronald McDonald House Charites

Our commitment to the cause of RMHC is deeply rooted in compassion and community. Going beyond the provision of no-cost cleaning services, our active involvement in initiatives such as 'Meals from the Heart' underscores our dedication to nurturing a sense of belonging for families facing challenging times. By maintaining a hygienic and welcoming environment, we aim to create a space where families find solace and support amidst the difficulties that come with serious illness and injury.


Our partnership with RMHC is more than just being about physical cleanliness, it's about fostering an atmosphere where love, care, and resilience prevail. The dedication reflected in our contributions echoes the shared commitment to providing comfort and a genuine home away from home for seriously ill children and their families. In collaboration with RMHC, we strive to build a haven that transcends the challenges, offering a warm sanctuary where families can find strength, connection, and support they need during their difficult journey.

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